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'Sons Of Sun', Solo exhibition at Koresh 14 gallery in Jerusalem.

Curators: Dveer Shaked

During the metamorphosis process of its body, the caterpillar completely dissolves and rebuilds itself into a butterfly, forming anew its stomach, wings, antennae, eyes, and senses. "Bnei Shemesh" (Sons of Sun) is the first name in Hebrew for butterflies.


In an exhibition at Koresh 14 Gallery, Tamir Chen presents a body of new works constructed from a combination of drawings and structures made of iron and steel in space, along with a series of oil, wax and butterfly powder paintings. All the works are created through continuous observation and study of winged creatures, particularly Danaus butterflies. During the process, the images transition from pencil drawings on paper to digital editing, and back to hand drawing, creating a symmetrical rhythm. Through the process, a connection is formed between the drawing hand and the paper, and the butterflies emerge within the painting itself.


The exhibition is showcased at Koresh 14 Gallery as part of Tamir Chen's win of the ArtiQ Award for LGBT Israeli Art for the year 2021. The exhibition was made possible thanks to the support from the Open House in Jerusalem for Pride and Tolerance.

Curator: Dveer Shaked

Photography: Daniel Hanoch

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